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Protecting strong bonds through a comprehensive range of vaccines.

The Nobivac range of canine and feline vaccines reflects MSD Animal Health’s unmatched experience and leadership in small animal vaccine development. Due to our world-leading commitment to research and testing, you can rely on Nobivac vaccines to be of the highest quality, to be effective and trusted by many veterinary practitioners over the world.

  • Canine Vaccines

    Designed to help dogs achieve a long and healthy life, the Nobivac range of canine vaccines includes a large number of both core and non-core vaccines.

  • Feline Vaccines

    Protect strong bonds between pet owners and their cats with our comprehensive range of feline vaccines that can be tailored to specific lifestyle and exposure profiles.

  • Rabbit Vaccines

    Reduce mortality and disease in rabbits with Nobivac Myxo-RHD, designed to protect the bonds between pet owners and their rabbits.

  • Rabies Vaccines

    Provide protection against rabies with Nobivac Rabies. Effectively used in many rabies vaccination control campaigns all over the world.


Canine Cough, or canine infectious tracheobronchitis, is a highly contagious respiratory disease in dogs. Found worldwide, the disease will affect a relatively high percentage of dogs in their lifetime. Learn how you can do your part to protect against Canine Cough and keep bonds strong.

  • Rabies causes over 55,000 deaths in people each year in Africa and India. Learn how you can help eliminate this deadly disease by protecting your pet with Nobivac vaccines.

  • Create stronger bonds by educating yourself on the importance of vaccinating your pets. Keep informed about the benefits of vaccination with our helpful animation.

  • Equine influenza is a highly infectious respiratory disease of horses. Found almost worldwide, the disease will affect a worrying percentage of horses in their lifetime. Learn how you can do your part to protect against Equine influenza and keep the bonds strong.